The Goodness of Nature In Every Bite.

No matter how far we reach, sticking to roots gives immense satisfaction.

At a time when the use of chemicals have taken over farming, fruits and vegetables produced through such methods have flooded the market, I am reminded of my father’s favorite proverb, ‘We are what we eat’. These words are what led me to venture into the world of organic farming. Farming with an aim to make a difference has been a lifelong dream of mine.

Our journey began with a small mango orchard in Nuzvid, Andhra Pradesh and we have spread our wings and have a presence in Shadnagar, Telangana. I utilized all the land building and toiling techniques that I imbibed from my father into transforming this mango orchard into an organic fruit and vegetable farm.

Our farms are more than land and crops, it’s our family’s pride and heritage. It is this idea that wishes wellness of people and Mother Earth, dreams that want people to gain balanced nourishment from our harvest.

My journey to organic framing

I put my heart and soul into organic farming of fruits and vegetables to make it available for all, even though organic farming is more expensive than regular farming. You can relish some of the most popular varieties of our organic mangoes like Banginapalli , Alphonso, Chinna Rasalu, and many more.

How it all started?

With the assistance of Agriculture University, we initiated organic farming in our Nuzvid and Shadnagar Farms, which is spread across more than 30 acres. We began our journey by testing the soil’s fertility and growth potential and its nutritional status.

To avoid the usage of chemical fertilizers, we use organic manure from the dairy farm set-up solely for this purpose. We have created a self-sustainable environment by channeling the waste from the farm to the dairy and vice versa. We levelled the lands and dug out water pits for rain water harvesting and also started with drip irrigation to ensure adequate water supply to the plants.

Koganti Organic Farms is the result of the sweat and blood of many hardworking people. Today, after five years of toil, our farm is ready for yield to pamper your taste buds. I can assure you that the best mango grafts of Nuzvid are procured and used for the mango plantation with guidance from experts and agriculture universities.

Koganti Organic Farms is a dream come true, and I believe where there is no dream, there is no life. Let’s be together in this journey of organic fruits and vegetable production and make our Mother Earth more sustainable.